CBS Rental and Supply acquires Discount Equipment

On May 2, 2016, CBS Rental and Supply completed its acquisition of Discount Equipment. This acquisition advances CBS Rental and Supply’s mission of expansion from nine branches in Texas to twelve with the incorporation of Discount Equipment’s three branches in Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida. CBS Rental and Supply will be well positioned to deliver solutions that can transform the future of the rental industry throughout the gulf coast, which is a main focus moving forward.


The combination of the two companies will increase the value CBS Rental and Supply delivers to customers. With aspirations to become a leader in technology, service and performance; CBS Rental and Supply chose to acquire Discount Equipment due to the companies shared values of Integrity, Service, Innovation and Performance.


Jason Herin, Owner of CBS Rental and Supply, and Rich Walker, Owner of Discount Equipment, decided this acquisition would be best for both parties due to the shared visions and values of both companies. Jason Herin stated, “Discount Equipment has a great team, great culture and great business practices. CBS Rental and Supply has, and always will, make decisions based on our values and Discount Equipment shares those values. We are very excited to have Rich and the Discount Equipment team as a key part of the CBS team as we expand past the borders of Texas and throughout the Gulf of Mexico region”


In addition to the Florida Brick and Mortar stores, Discount Equipment will bring a substantial amount of subject matter expertise in the ecommerce space for the Equipment Rental and Sales business, aiding CBS’ plan to become a technology leader for their customers. With advances in technology, locations and much more; this acquisition brings two sets of great minds together in order to deliver a legendary experience for its customers.


Rich Walker stated, “I was not in the market to sell Discount Equipment. I have known Jason Herin personally for a few years and our friendship and beliefs in business has drawn us to this moment. I would never have imagined that such a synergy was possible on all fronts. This special once in a life time opportunity has evolved and I couldn’t have written a better story. Together the two companies joining as CBS Rental and Supply will become the greatest rental company in Texas, Florida and future states and locations. I am so proud of what we have done and what we are about to create.” Rich Walker will be joining the CBS executive team as their Chief Technology Officer, leading CBS’ vision to become a technology leader in the Equipment Rental, Construction Supplies, Sales, Parts and Service Industry.