Two Sides to Their Market

SAN ANTONIO – As branch manager for the San Antonio branch of CBS Rental & Supply, John Hurse will also be overseeing the Austin branch when it opens at the beginning of the New Year. He and district sales manager, Rodney Chandler, will be overseeing both locations.

    With the company for three years, first in Longview and then Conroe, Hurse came to San Antonio as branch manager about three months ago.
    Chandler has been with the company for approximately 26 years. Hurse’s assistant manager, Victor Warren, has been with the company for approximately 28 years. Warren and Chandler have the most tenure with CBS of all the employees at the San Antonio branch.
    CBS rents equipment including backhoes, bulldozers, boom lifts, scissor lifts and forklifts. CBS also sells supplies, including lumber, adhesives, hand tools and power tools. Balancing the two sides of the business allows CBS to offer services and products that often go hand-in-hand.
    “A lot of the jobsites we go to with our equipment, we’re also delivering supplies,” explains Hurse. “We feel our combined service offering allows CBS a unique market advantage no one else in the area can provide. We are proud of our past, but we are even more excited about our future growth plans, which include expansion into the Austin market.”
    Based out of the San Antonio branch, which was established in 1986, Hurse and Chandler will be leading the effort to grow the Austin market in 2016.
    Established in 1965, CBS Rental & Supply is headquartered in Houston with branches in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Longview, Tyler, Deer Park and Conroe with additional branches opening next year in Austin and Dallas. –mh

Full story by Sue Johnson